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Branding for MRD&CA Mental Health Ministry (5000 × 2500 px).jpg
Branding for MRD&CA Mental Health Ministry (5000 × 2500 px).jpg

God Wants Us Whole.

God desires for us to be complete and whole, embracing all aspects of our being with His loving guidance.

Christian Trauma Counseling

Healing, Nurture & Support after Deliverance

We focus on helping individuals cope with various emotional challenges, including the fear of abandonment, borderline personality disorder, fear of rejection, religious abuse, and orphan syndrome. Our approach is centered on providing support and guidance to navigate these difficult experiences.


Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine revolves around the comprehensive healing of the individual, prioritizing their entirety instead of merely addressing isolated health issues.

Warrior Two

Holistic Health

Holistic Health encompasses a wellness approach that attends to the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of well-being simultaneously.


Holistic Ministry

In Holistic Ministry, individuals are perceived through the lens of God's perspective, as complete entities of body and soul, designed to thrive within nurturing communities.

Branding for MRD&CA Mental Health Ministry (5000 × 2500 px).jpg

Your Healing is Now!

Betrayal. Judgment. Rejection. Hypocrisy. Abuse of Power.

It's time to acknowledge and address the things that have caused your faith in God to diminish. This is a safe, healing journey that involves open communication, counseling, and compassion. Don't struggle anymore... let's get to work!

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